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VTAC Tertiary Offers 2014 (Round 1) Heat Map

Follow this link for a live demo: http://dev01.yznotes.com/viz_map_vtac2014/#


Most of the JavaScript code is a copy of a great work done by Peter Neish for his Australian Election 2013 heat map
Data preparation and aggregation was done using Python Data Analysis library Pandas
Use Select Uni drop-down menu to switch between Victorian Universities

Playing with Google Charts – Simple Visualization of Geographical Data

Visit dev01.yznotes.com/gcharts_01 to view the dynamic chart – WordPress is a bit cranky when it comes to JavaScript code embedded in posts, so I ended up hosting this chart externaly.
Also please be aware that it may not be working properly in Internet Explorer, but who uses IE these days anyway ;)
Popularity is calculated as Count / Country Population * 10 million


Plotting zipline algorithms with matplotlib

Dual Moving Average Crossover algorithm buys stock once its short moving average crosses its long moving average (indicating upwards momentum) and sells it once the averages cross again, indicating downwards momentum (source: zipline)