Python Script for Searching Log Files

Environment: Python 2.7 (Should run fine in PY3 as well after ‘fixing’ print statements)

This script was designed for searching interface log files for list of keywords. If ran as a standalone script, amend argumens highlighted in lines 29-31:

keywords – comma separated string with list of keywords we are searching for. Note that space symbol is also count, so, for example, keywords = ”’123, 345”’ means that you are interested in ‘123’ and ‘ 345’ (space and then digits ‘345’) entries

search_dir – root directory where the search starts, search is recursive

date_since – use this argument if you want to limit search to files that have been modified after specific date, so, for example, with date_since = “01/11/2012” only files modified on or after the 1st of Nov 2012 will be searched. date_since has to be entered in dd/mm/yyyy format, if not provided (or mistyped) – script runs without modified date parameter.

You may want to amend condition for file format in line 52, the current version searches only in files with extension ‘.log