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Share Market Short / Long Signals
Live App: [Not Available - Confidential Data]

Application that collects and analyses information related to Australian Share Market and produces daily Long or Short recommendations for about 2,000 individual tickers.

Cloud Computing, Technical Analysis, Machine Learning, Automation, Web Scrapping, Data Visualization
Dashboard: Crime by Suburb and Offence Type
Live App: http://dataviz.yznotes.com/crime-vic-2016

This App visualises Number of offences by suburbs in VIC, Australia and offence type, year ending December 2016.

The data is rendered as a multidimensional visualisation. All charts, including Crime Map are inter-connected and interactive, so you should be able to narrow down data to a subset of your interest within just a few mouse clicks. You can switch between Actual Offence Numbers and Crime Rate data views / measurements in the navigation bar.

Data Visualization, Exploratory Data Analysis, Dashboard
Real Time Sales Analytics
Live App: [Not Available - Confidential Data]

Web Application that asynchronously collects, aggregates and visualises data from about 70 stores across Australia and New Zealand. All calculations and charts are updated with every new transaction.

On the photo the application is running on 55'' TV screen with Raspberry Pi as a client.

Data Visualization, Dashboard, Real Time Analytics
System Jobs Monitoring, Exploratory Analysis and Notification
Demo Page: http://dataviz.yznotes.com/dpjobs-demo

This Application collects information about running system jobs, builds a dashboard with cross-filtering features for exploratory analysis and sends email alerts about failing/hanging jobs.

Data and visualisations are refreshed every 10 minutes 24/7.
Runs on Amazon Web Services.

Data Visualization, Automation, Exploratory Data Analysis, Dashboard
Experimenting with Twitter API, Text Mining, Word Cloud and d3.js Visualisation Library
Live App: http://words.yznotes.com

This Application collects Tweets posted in Melbourne, VIC (based on geotagging), does some Natural Language Processing and renders a Word Cloud of the most popular words and a 'Tweet Rate' Chart for the last 24 hours.

Data and visualisations are refreshed every 10 minutes 24/7.
Runs on Amazon Web Services.

Twitter, Natural Language Processing, Cloud Computing, Word Cloud, Data Visualization, Automation
Australian Census 2011 Heat Map
Live App: http://census2011.yznotes.com

This App aims to make Australian Census Data more accessible by rendering it on Google Maps.

There are Data Sets (at suburb level) from 46 Categories of the ABS Census 2011 Basic Community Profile files available in the current app release. All together it adds up to 7,942 various data sets.

Google Maps API, Heat Map, Census Data
'Data-Viewer' - an Internal University of Melbourne Academic Businass Systems micro web App
Live App: [Not Available - Confidential Data]

The initial inspiration for building this app was to make it easier for my collegues working with VTAC data sets (which in tabular format contain more than 700 fields per each applicant record thus making navigation and searching very challenging) as well as identifying potential matches with existing records in the University Student System Database. With time we have built some more features ('Fuzzy Search', 'Student Details Snapshot', etc.) into this application.

Automation, ETL, Visualization, Predictive Analytics
'Ezi Structures' - Visualisation of the Uni Study Structures
Demo Page: http://demo.ezistructures.com

Solution for building and visualizing complex multi-level Study Package Structures (more than 360,000 individual elements with more than 14,000 structure combinations).

This Application was build for Student System Enhancement Project and significantly symplified comparison between old and converted structures during the system upgrade.

Contributors: Nghiem Tran

Automation, ETL, Visualization
VTAC Tertiary Offers 2014 Heat Map (by biggest VIC unies)
Live App: http://dataviz.yznotes.com/viz_map_vtac2014

As name suggests, this Heat Map represents density of students that have been offered a place at several biggest Universities in Victoria.

Contributors: Nghiem Tran

Google Maps API, Heat Map, VTAC
Experimenting with Google Charts API - Students by Citizenship Dashboard
Demo Page: http://dataviz.yznotes.com/gcharts_01

This Application allows exploring geography of students by absolute numbers and by 'Popularity' ([Popularity] is calculated as [Count] / [Country Population] * [10 million])

Google Charts API, Visialization, Dashboard
Dynamic Pivoting and Visualisation
Live App: [Not Available - Confidential Data]

Solution for automated data collection, cleansing and reporting (including customised point-click dynamic pivoting).

This was built as a web application that collects raw data from pre-defined web sources, then does some cleansing and aggregation and feeds result data into dashboards with dynamic pivoting features and some visualisations.

Automation, Cloud Computing, Python Data Analysis Tools, Visualization, Dashboard, Data Pivoting, ETL, Data Cleansing
Automated Near Real Time Data Analysis of Share Prices
Live App: [Not Available - Confidential Data]

ASX Stock Data is automatically collected from Yahoo Finance with 20 minutes intervals and processed with linear regression tests. Collected data and Test results are stored in PostgreSQL database. 'Built in' IPython HTML Notebook with Python Data Analysis tools allows flexible and direct access to the stored data.

Runs on Amazon Web Services.

Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Yahoo Finance API, Python Data Analysis Tools, ASX